Poem Hunter
(01/01/1966 / BIRMINGHAM)



The bedstraw does grow on the downs and the hillsides,
Its flowers do shine like the gold of the sun,
The cliffs and the coves and the arches and headlands,
Filling my soul like a new day begun.
And I gaze to the shingle shore
And at the sea so blue,
And watch the waves come rolling in
A mesmerising view.

The air is so sweet and breathes life to the living,
The grassland does dance as the wind starts to blow,
The chalk laden pathway that leads by the water,
Carries me onwards to where it does go.
And I gaze at the scenery
And to the countryside,
That's all around so beautiful
And reaches far and wide.

To Lulworth so fine it can capture a heartbeat,
Scenes of its wonder so hard to forget,
Watching the sunrise unveiling its secrets,
Warming my senses as sun starts to set.
And the glow of the beams that shine
Burn like a crimson fire,
So deep and rich the embers of
The land I so desire.

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Comments (4)

I know Lulworth Cove.tippled the one arm bandit in a pub there once.Nice lo go back.Liked the theme of your poem. Sid.
Enjoyed very much the use of bedstraw as a symbol for earthy living sensous things. The open stanza and absence of rhyme worked for me, communicating that this was a lazy tired afternoon when reflection was best enjoyed and not fought over/analyzed. Was that your intention when choosing this form?
I am in admiration for poets such as you Andrew, , What a brilliant gift you share with us your readers...ALL THE BEST Love duncan X
A beautiful place to write about and a beautiful poem to view. Wonderful words found here. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX