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Bedtime Kisses
AH ( / England)

Bedtime Kisses

Poem By Alc Harris

Tiptoe gently across soft woollen floor
Slowly close the bedroom door,
Watch you peaceful for a while,
Before I
Curl into your sleeping warmth

Stroke your skin in loving touch,
Whisper goodnight gently in the hush,
Of darkest night inside our room,
Then do I
Lay beside you skin to skin.

Wait for dreams to fill my night,
Where you and I in heavenly flight,
Caress each other in purest bliss,
Locked, in passions eternal kiss

Onto the night I yearn to hold,
Where you are gentle, I am bold,
Never whispers do turn cold,
A dream.....
Evermore it would seem

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Comments (2)

Gorgeous, romantic, sensuous. Jon.
awww amanda that poems soo lovely! i totally relate to what you're saying...i long for that kind of romance so badly! i dont have any form of romance at all but aww thats so cute! ! what a great poem :)