I'M Over You Now.

i gave you my heart, you said i love you and i will never let you go
i will protect you from everyone always.
and then you left.
just like all the others but i trusted you
i loved you too and i thought we would always be together
but no it was to much for you,
you werent ready to be in love,
yet you told me you did.
i cried a river for you and stopped when i saw a shadow
realizing it was my own i went back crying for you
i wanted you to come back i never wanted you gone.
i hear a faint voice but cant stop crying,
it was you,
you came back for me,
at least thats what i thought,
you came back to say if i could keep this all a secret
and no one had to know what happened,
afraid i would die when they came to close
i kept myself on my own island trapped in my thoughts and couldnt escape, then i had a feeling not knowing what i grabbed a shovel and started to dig
i had no idea why,
why was i digging,
i must have mad a hole so big for a body,
i grabbed a blade held it to my wrist,
now i knew what i was doing,
i was going to end all my pain that i felt for nothing was better then something in that case,
i backed away,
was i really going to go through with this am i really going to let some heart breaker win,
i wanted this to be mine,
i wanted to hurt him,
but how,
how do i hurt someone i still love,
and it was decided i wont love him anymore,
he stopped loving me why should i give a shit for him.
i am done,
done with letting stuff get to me this way,
why should i suffer,
i didnt do anything,
its their fault and for that they shall pay.

by annonymous lost

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Wow. An interesting poem. Leaves the reader a little intrigued.