MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

Bedtime Thoughts

Night has come to take me hostage,
tie me up in fantasy and dreams
of romance mixed with lobster
which I might prefer, it will not
break my heart as I hammer
on its shell in search
of succulence to sustain
my spirit. Moonlight flirts
between the crevices
of clouds while dreamy
drifts of stars coax
the mind to wander
through memories
of smiling lips, of eyes
all crinkled up
in laughter
of fingertips just brushing
oh so gently on the angle
of a jaw, nape of the neck,
white gleam of teeth
behind lips poised
to capture just a kiss
that holds your heart
to ransom in a moment,
ah, sweet night,
take me deep into
the torment and
delight me until morning.

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Yes MC! bedtime is the time our thoughts can truly clear the way to heavens gate in a most adoring and loving is also true that torment is mixed with such erotic delight...You are obviously an experienced shape shifter....smiling at you, Tai