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Bee Is To Be

Your Lordship- the panel of Wits(present and absent)
Is convened to pass the sentence, seal the fate of this
Tiny ever buzzer - intruder of the private parts indiscriminatelyevery flower
(Take a close-up look at the evidence, my lord) the Bee,
'My Lordship see to this In-On-Out love affair for million years-excused, bills by you are paid and freed,
The panel of wits(present-absent) for the utter neglect of the tiny ever buzzer and intruder
Is sentenced to hard forced labor pollinating-for how many years?
just Buzz me, LITTLE BEE-'for aZ much million yearZ then excuZed and freed.
Note (by grace of God) - PLEAZE EXCUZE THE BEE so MANYBUZZ ME-
The BEE is TO BE.
Is there any out there? -(Nota bene by simply me)

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