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Been A Fool
BT (7/1980 / Louisiana)

Been A Fool

I imagine that maybe this was once something
that was strong enough to endure
what callousness you
mistakenly display.

I am naïve in the way
that young women
believe younger men
can love something
besides their dicks.

I am apt to train myself
to avoid your perpetual indifference.

You have become cold to me.
Your aura sputters in the darkness of my mind’s eye.
Another try?
Do I have such things in me to offer to you?

I am tired of prostrating myself
on your altar.
Can’t you see?
My past has bled me dry.
Coagulation has long since been completed, and
here I lay
severed and scarred.

Once immaculate,
now sullied.

I’ve been a fool.
I’ve been a fool.
I almost said I love you.
Mayhap I wasn’t that naïve.

(For L.G./10.2.06)

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Mayhap? Internal mayhem? This poem make SENSE.