(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Beep - Beeep

A line of cars - about nineteen,
had stopped behind me.
No obstacle was to be seen,
you ask 'why should this line be'.

My trusty phone lets out a beep,
a sign of simple pleasures,
my heart performs a happy leap,
familiar with these treasures.

So, now you know, my little flower,
your magic does extend
with unrelenting innate power
through messages you send.

The next time when I hear beep - beeep
I'll wear again a smile.
And if the line behind my Jeep
is longer than a mile,
so be it, I say, what's your beef?
Perhaps these drivers could
send out their own texts, long or brief,
as definitely they should.

And come to think, I only felt
this happy on my birthdays,
reminds me of the time you yelled
'I'll talk to you on Thursday! '

So now the day of Thursday has
become my favourite day.
We need to keep this razzmatazz
have Thursday every day.

For: L

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Comments (3)

Cute poem...nice read!
Most certainly - stops traffics and controls heart beat.Wouldn't miss her even if she had more bad habits.
So, she's a Traffic-stopper then: -)