(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Diane Hine: Poet/Poetess.... [short; Rondeau, In Answer To Diane Hine]

Diane-Down-Under has been a clerk,
but, Lord knows, she is sure no jerk.
She does come up with real cool stuff.
I never leave her writings in a huff.
[To please her Readers, she does not shirk.]

The next five lines (for me) may be tough;
excuse me please, Readers, if it is rough.
[If I can get through it, it will PERK …. me up.]

She writes both of science AND of fluff,
NOT too much of either, but “just enough”.
I picture her standing on a windswept bluff,
her speech softly female, never gruff,
her words more full of play than of work..

by Bri Edwards

Comments (1)

This little poem(well it is a haiku!) was a revelation. Talk about saying so much with less and less but the use of the Irish words expands this little universe even further. One word to mean '.. the day before the day before yesterday' now that is quite a coup. But what it says and the way it says it just blossoms in the mind like the love you describe blossoming in your heart. I'm really getting to enjoy your Irish poems and you seem to exist at a different vibration in your own language. This is just a perfect implosion...explosion of knowing and perfectly captures in one glorious stroke...everything that needs to be said. A tour de force! A wow! Gina xxx