Beer Joint Millionare

While sitting all alone tonight here in this crowded bar,
I'm listening to all the poeple talk about how rich they are.
They brag about the homes they have and put on fancy airs;
But I know what they really are, just beer joint millionares!
Then they'll bum you for another beer without so much as thanks,
And the welfare rolls are loaded with these guys who just don't care,
That's why we find so many of these beer joint millionares.
I met a guy one night who said he'd like to change my life
If I'd just go away with him and be his loving wife.
So I left my friends to follow him; we went from town to town,
But instead of finding happiness, he only dragged me down.
He passed bad checks in every bar and he borrowed money.
So listen, girls, to these words I say, ''Don't let him get to you
Be careful what you do, from now on take my warning fair,
And pay no mind to the guy you find is a beer joint millionare.''

by Jeannie West

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