(04 October 1943 / Germany)


For those of you who like their beer
I'm writing what you need to hear.
The vitamins B-six and two
are present and so good for you.
A bit of substance folic acid
keeps belly folds from going flaccid.
Though beer is one good diuretic
(and, in excess, a strong emetic)
so let the doubters drink their booze
and in the morning face the blues.
Australia makes some lovely Ale
and I must end this little tale
and grab a can as cold as ice
it's great I have no other vice.

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Comments (3)

Ah, an ode to my beverage of choice. Well done, except realistically, I've got to equate a can of light beer to 10 minutes on the rowing machine and a can of the good stuff to 20. Sort of makes me think twice before I pull the tab on just one more. Have a good holiday, Herbert.
Very Nice work Herbert, I'm gonna get some in now! Grinning at you with 10 and wishing you a very merry christmas and a sober New Year! lol
LOL I just found out the store down the street sells a pill to be taken BEFORE drinking...Presto...no penalty