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Poem By SarahJane Platt

Buzz and zoom around all day
In the trees
They make honey and they see
The magic in the clear blue sky
As they fly
Free from all troubles and all worries
Quite unlike you and me

Should learn something from the bees
They are right
They have learnt they shouldn't do
The many things they cannot do
And they fly
Free from all worry and all trouble
Quite unlike you and me.

all think that we're alright
Out of spite
For can't you see
The little yellow bumble bee
Though small
Walks tall
His mind is where all of our minds want to be

But we won't get there
If we run around all day
If we're blind
It is true
really true
We'll get through
Me and you,
If we're like the bumble bee
Us, you and me
The bumble bee
For it is through the need and want of nothing that we truly have it all

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