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Beethoven's Unfinished Symphony

Two men were discussing the works of Beethoven.
One remarked that one of his works was unfinished.
The other stated that he had taken it to the grave.
"Nonsense", the first retorted, "Your brain is diminished."
"Oh yea? " said the other, "Let's dig up the casket, you'll see."
So they did and opened the lid, his body exposing.
Beethoven sat up and grabbed the unfinished symphony.
He began erasing notes off the page without disclosing.
"What in the world are you doing? " the two men cried out loud.
"Only what's natural" he replied, "I'm decomposing."

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I walked right into it all the way You have a tour-de-force. It will be very hard to top. Congratulations.
Good job turning an old joke into a poem. That's been one of my favorite jokes. Well done.