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Beethoven Symphony Eroica
SM (June 1941, Cancer / Egypt)

Beethoven Symphony Eroica

Beethoven third symphony
A Beethoven masterpiece
The First Movement
The music starts softly and gently
It picks soon with full force
In charm awakening
With the orchestra in full display
Loud with majestic power
We are overwhelmed
No place to go
We are exhausted
He relieves us now
With soft melody that follows
He has full master command
The music comes quick in flurry
with persistent repetition
We are whipped with emotions
The music comes back again and again
In fresh beautiful succession
Like a boy coming hurriedly in the field
The old tunes come back
Haunting us in familiar rhythm
It is over and over again
Filling and nourishing our soul
Some sound comes again
From far away
Like someone we knew
Calling us softly
Gently and beautifully
Racing and touching our hearts
The old familiar tune
Comes back and back again
Teasing us With power
Hurriedly closing on us
The music casts some sadness
The familiar tune comes back
Full of charm

Second Movement 17.42 / 52.01

A faint sad sound
So sad
Like funeral procession
The same tune comes back
dressed in sadness
So sad
Revival the music comes strong

Third Movement 30.51 / 52.01

The old tune revives back
In full force with energy
With tunes of warning and destiny
Some sadness tunes
Goes deep in our hearts
Crushing us
Dwelling in us again
Is there hope?

Fourth Movement 37.21 / 52.01

The movement in full elegance
So Happy tune finally appears
A relieve
The tune comes back again
In happy setting
It is getting louder
And majestic

A new tune 42 / 52.01
Taking us by surprise
The tune dominating all
We are taken to the wilderness
Now where we go
We need guidance
The familiar tune comes back
Nibbling music

The music has died out
The faint tune in the background
Oh revived
a hurried tune
it comes back
all in force, strong
oh the main theme
bringing joy

the music instruments
bring announcement
talking to us in language
we do not understand
then it is all beginning
same thing
all again
all again
to a loved tune
strange change of music
curious steps
like a sleuth
and echoing drum beats
as the end nears
very joyful music comes along
to wipe the stress
of past harsh suspense tunes
the music crashing

the trumpets are loud
the old tune comes teasing us
like flute in prairie
Mysterious tune
Like the awakening of the morning
So melodious and deep
Going fast like streaming river
And there is
The calmness of early morning
What we expect
Leaving us in wilder expectation
The orchestra in full force
The repercussion instruments
In control

The French horn
Angry music comes in warning
A new tune is born
Sad melody
Music comes like small wavelets in the ocean
The old tempo
Comes back in hurry and energetic
Like celebration
Like walking in the woods

Beautiful soft tune
It is all over
The symphony in all power
And fury in closing

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