Things have changed
There were things for mankind
And some things just fed to animals
Dad fed goats and donkey with beetroots.

We grew for their leaves
Mom used them to make soup
We dug earth and stored
The carrots, potatoes and turnip

Beetroot was only for feeding them
Things have changed; I eat them
Hot and cold; unlike then

In Sharjah
She was sick and we faced a tough life
Once I taught and for some months
Marketer and salesman, sold pickles
Hollanders'; company was Alpha

With pocket empty and no car
I ate what was sample
The beetroots; cucumbers
And what was
It was good; I lost weight

It's our look how we see
With, without money, wealth
Optimist I can say: "poverty is bless."

by Nassy Fesharaki

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