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AO (4-22-87 / Torrington, CT)


We didnt grow up together
But went to 9th grade together
Didn't know eachother
But now where best friends with eachother
You split at 10th grade
Moved to waterbury
Left me in a mess
But of course we worked it out
Went and saw eachother at times
I would call you everyday
You where family to me
We've almost been threw it all
Now it looks like we will go through it all
You told me you where leaving again
But this time it's different
This time it's different
Your going away for good
Not no twenty minute drive
Baltimore, is what you said
I didn't know what to think
But how is the person I care most about is leaving
I dont trust alot
But with you
You held my world in your hands
I would give you everything and more
You just dont know
But now I'll sit and pray
Pray that you dont go
I wouldn't know what to do
But there's no one who could replace your shoes
Nobody will take that trust I have with you
Nobody would understand the way you are
Nobody could give me the advice you told me
PLEASE I'm begging dont leave me
I've already lost too many
I dont want to make you another
I guess now it's all in your hands
You decide now...
Whats it going to be? ?

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I had to leave my Godbrother when I moved from Chicago to Buffalo. I hated leaving, and I hate it here. I love this heartfelt poem. Becca