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Before A Little Coffin
(8 October 1892 – 31 August 1941 / Moscow)

Before A Little Coffin

Poem By Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva

Mother has painted the coffin brightly.
The tiny one sleeps in Sunday attire.
Onto the forehead no longer is falling
The light-brown hair;

A round comb no longer is pressing,
Having seen so little, of the child's head;
Only of joy knew
The heart of the kid.

For five years so happily lived she
Much played the deft arms!
Fantasies, fantasies mid lilies,
Nobody disturbed them.

The flowers seek a place nearer to her,
(She seems tight in her new bed).
The flowers know: Little Katya
A golden heart had.

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Comments (3)

I lve this poem. It is about the death of a very young child. She played among the flowers, and when she passed away, the flowers sought a place nearer to her at her resting place. The flowers represent innocence.
A very heartfelt sorrow expressing poem pertaining to the child and coffin and the final journey I think. Being very tender age allowed by the destiny the poet's concern is understandable if she meant it in that sense and otherwise the poem is very good.
What a tragic tragic life, and we think that we suffer!