Before A Velvet Backdrop

Faintly, in the blues and pinks of sunset
A billion stars awaken to
Stretch their twinkling arms and yawn

For it is their daybreak and
Soon, before a velvet backdrop,
God will direct their diurnal show

It is a commission for every caste…
Boys, full of innocent wonder,
Little girls filled with fanciful wishes

Men with great ambitions
And young ladies yearning for love,
Couples, full of hopes and dreams

And elderly folks wondering
If, soon, they might get to
Meet the Director in person

A brilliant exhibition do they give
With their graceful glowing dances
And rare, but thrilling bounds across the stage

For hours, the luminaries put on their
Surreal performance, each twinkle gleaning
Awe and wonder from each one who watches

Then, as darkness fades to dawn,
A curtain of pastel sunlight falls slowly
And silently upon the velvet stage

And a billion stars take a well-
Deserved bow, as their final encore
Of the night draws to a quiescent close

Leaving each spectator to marvel
And ponder the magnificent
Grandeur of it all

by Dithery Hart

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A poem of extraordinary beauty. I can see those stars dancing. And may the dreams of the poetess come true as well. Encore, Dithery Hart! Always your friend at poemhunter, Love, Sandra