Before & After You Go

I almost can't imagine living one day
without your sweet and ever tender smile
as you bring rich color to shades of fall
and you keep my body warm on cold nights.
We will be ready when he calls you to heaven
but still the world will be colorless for awhile.

We know we are not in control of fate
in time the circle of dominoes will fall
and the moons eclipse will hide the sun
the day will become colder with the night
on the day the lord takes you to heaven
the birds will sings, and babies will bawl

The memory of you will live on forever
when I close my eyes I will see your face
I'll imagine your soft and gentle touch
your breath will seem to be the air I breathe
and my dreams will be of our younger days
knowing the lord has taken you to better place

I will never give up on hoping for a cure
the one thing that might have saved you
and richness you have brought to my life
Remembering the things made you smile
on the day the lord takes you to heaven
I'll sit & ponder all you have been through

And I'll ask the lord, what make you take him?
what job is he needed for on this very day?
will he be an angel of mercy for the sick?
might I be lucky to have him my guardian angel..
no matter the reason lord, you needed him -
and so on this morning, you have taken him away

I trust you lord, to watch over my friend
To be sure that he gets settled in and prepared
to look upon his past life and know he has lived
to be sure he realizes he left me far behind
that it was not my choice, for us to be parted
and that you are watching over us, so we need not be scared

Until the day the lord sees fit to reunite us
I'll keep you in my heart & pray to be friends again
you are the one who made me smile on the gloomiest of days
and who was my friend even when my decisions were bad
I will always carry your specialness deep in my heart
til the day when the lords lets us be together again

by G00dy2 Shoes

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