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Before All Of It Is Gone

Oh, do I love the sweet and fresh smell of Roses,
And the way the elegant Lotus closes,
How I love the shining happiness of the sunflower,
Or the dew that gives our treasures a beautiful shower.

Oh, am I in awe when seeing the protection a lioness gives her young,
And the way the frog catches flies with his enormous tongue,
How I’m in awe, looking at the dolphins jumping up high,
Or seeing a little one, next to his mother so shy.

Oh, do I adore the wind, softly breezing through my hair,
And the way the sun shines her way through the air,
How I adore feeling the soothing of the bright moonlight,
Or just to stand and look up, admiring her glow, even in the darkest night.

And now, looking out my window sadly,
Realizing I can touch none,
Oh, do I want it so badly,
Before all of it is gone.

a/n: not much to add here, hope you enjoyed. comments and votes are more than welcome! (they keep me writing faster! !)

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I enjoyed. I saw a gecko gobbling up flies once.