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Before And After
Lawrence S. Pertillar (February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Before And After

Loving someone done unconditionally today,
May require unpredictable conditions...
When that one loved comes and begins,
Making requests that get difficult to digest.
Especially when one is expected to accept,
Mental and physical changes made...
Never mentioned or heard before to confess.
Or a hint or a clue,
To prepare what someone who loves another...
Has to 'consciously' go through.

And to keep loving someone unconditionally,
May take much more time...
Than just a few scheduled visits with a therapist.
A therapist wishing these times we live,
Were less complex than they are.
Today 'clients' are downloading pictures and texts,
With messages revealing...
The most specific of stressful details,
Any therapist today...
Would need their own therapist to address.

'Hello Doctor,
Yes it is me again.
The 'before' and 'after' pictures I've downloaded,
Are of those transition shots I mentioned to you.
During my last visit I forgot to ask you these questions:
On which days should I begin,
Wearing my 'husband's old suits?
And if they don't fit should I get them tailored?
Since he has begun to wear my designer dresses,
Should I stop arguing with him about...
The shoes he selects that clash with the colors?
Please advise.'

~Mirror mirror on the wall,
Please tell me I'm not crazed afterall.
And if you can not do that for me,
Take away that temptation I have...
That has me attracted to leap from the window.~

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