Before And Now

Before, you always wanted me to stay,
Now, if I stay, you'll throw a fit.

Before, seeing me made your day,
Now, I guess I ruin it.

Before, willingly the truth came out.
Now, all you do is lie, it's like being stabbed with a knife.

Before, in us there was now doubt,
Now, you want me out of your life.

Is it all because I caught you,
With that other girl,
You can't tell the truth,
So this is what you do,
According to you.

Wanna know what I see,
I remember under the tree,
After we met I thought 'he' had 'died'
But he didn't, you hid him.

It just wasn't enough, the torments,
You had me on that smooth river,
Paddling along, just thinking wow,
But never thought of it till now,
That I could get a sliver,
I got one thanks to you,
And all those wasted moments.

by Alyssa Boccardo

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