MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

Before Birth

Whats worse
Light or darkness

When it is light u cover your eyes with a shade
When it is dark u look for the light of day

What hurts more
Pain or sorrow

When u are in pain u wonder why no one is sorry
When someone is in sorrow it pains u to hear their story

What matters more
Money or Love

When u are in love your are rich in many ways
When u are poor u can't buy love without pay

What do u see
Tears or Torment

U cry tears becoz u are tormented by the ones who care
When u are tormented u cry becoz no one is there

What do u believe in
Heaven or Hell

When u live a heavenly life u wonder when hell will begin
When u live a hellish life u are consumed by heavenly sin

How will u die
Rich or Poor

If u die without money but enrich the people u love with joy
U will be remembered because to be rich u must destroy

So what will u do
Destroy or Enrich

If u wish to stop destroying then enrich the good mother earth
And enrich your sweet children don't destroy them before birth

by Mr. Poetic

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