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Before College: Hymn Of War
(Jan.20,1943 / Oklahoma)

Before College: Hymn Of War

'See the mangled bodies! Ha!
I guess we showed ‘em swell
Didn't know what hit ‘em. Neat!
You know they'll raise no Hell.'

'Come on boys, forget it now,
Let's gather up their toys,
Those bastards shouldn't give good guns,
To ignorant teenage boys.'

'Sarge! These guns are empty Sarge!
The air it seems so still! '
'Hit the ground! ' the sargent yelled,
But not one fell at will.

'Rat-a-tat! ' Machine guns fired,
Wham! A mortar fell,
The victors sang for All to hear,
'I guess we showed ‘em swell! '

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This is the gut level truth of war - you kill me, I kill you - No one comes home. But politicians who need their limited wars for policy reasons will always try to cover that up. In a sense, didn't Jesus already give the gist of your story when he said THOSE WHO LIVE BY THE SWORD WILL DIE BY THE SWORD? His words were crystal clear and still are. Who's listening?