Before Creation

Before this world of ours began
Creation came to be
The living God considered man
And like Him made him He

Perfect body, spirit and soul
As God Himself on high
Adam was formed completely whole
To live, never to die

God made woman, from Adam’s side
As Adam’s perfect mate
Together, as one to abide
To serve and procreate

Until the serpent came one day
God’s children to deceive
Just like a hunter seeking prey
The devil tempted Eve

With fruit from a forbidden tree
To man temptation came
The pair broke God’s sacred decree
Then felt the weight of shame

Thus God cast them from His garden
Condemned one day to die
Unless through faith we beg His pardon
Seeking His face on high

Through Jesus Christ His Lamb and Son
The Lord who dwelt on earth
Who as a man all battles won
To give man second birth

To walk, to live, no more to sin
To fellowship in love
Over devils always to win
As victors to rise above…..

by Michael P. Johnson

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