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Before Hoops Are Jumped Through
Lawrence S. Pertillar (February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Before Hoops Are Jumped Through

I am fleet of foot...
The moment I suspect,
A mocking to be done of my intellect.
Especially when the baiting is being done,
By those who disrespect...
The experiences I have lived through to get.
With a choosing to use my intelligence to benefit.

I am fleet of foot...
But not from a threat of fear I wish to flee.
It's a recognition of an ignorance in need,
Of having an opportunity to have others witness...
An ease in which they can mask insecurities,
With others they gather with similar mindsets...
To get a cheap laugh and at my expense to diminish.

And if my experiences to get represents an intelligence...
Well, I don't perceive myself the only one who has fled,
From attempts to be of service to others but this has led...
To beliefs to live with and not left to 'assume',
It is best to leave jokers and with a doing done quick...
And not too soon with a doing of this to exit,
Before hoops are jumped through just to prove I can do it!

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