Before Nightfall

sunset crashes down
on houses, I hear voices
of the day around me
the alarm clock from
this morning

“have you found
where you are going
to get gone, will you
go, choose wisely
this day is nearly ending”

I can’t choose
this day is over, the
voices are only
leaves falling
from trees

I walk into the sunset
still crashing down
into shadows, I hear
your voice above

the sky’s on fire dear
we should run while
we still can

by Ben Paynter

Comments (2)

I particularly like the use of the phrase 'the whispers are just leaves falling from trees'. It strikes me as an interesting and thought provoking line in a poem likewise riddled with such depth and thought. Another outstanding acheivment Ben. Well done!
very nice, I like the line 'I walk into the sunset still crashing down into shadows'