Before Orgasm

Your midnight laughter
And dark red wine,
Your face of classical paintings
And your supple arms
Enlacing my heart
With a simple embrace
Make everything clear….

Life is lovely treachery
Like being tortured with feathers
Or postponing forever
The achingly tender moment
Before orgasm.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (5)

Wonderful words Uriah, sensual, seductive and sad. loved it. Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
such a warm feel Uriah....very seductive :)
The closeness of this, the feeling of satisfaction of the heart, so enjoyable for the loving hearts 10 Love Duncan X
very intimate and sexy uriah...but overwhelmingly tender as well...I loved I always do.. Always, Amberlee
Oh this is very very beautiful, Very well written! I am amazed.....How well it flowts... ~~Elya Thorn~~