Before Our Time Drifts Away

Poem By Tom Maxwell

It rained all night, now the creek carries the water away,
just like our lives, the good times come, they never stay.

I can see the high water marks, looking out my window today,
just like dreams, they come, and then slowly fade away.

As we carve our path's, through this life each day,
we often have to change our course, when something blocks our way.

We have to keep moving forward, in everyway,
we each have a mission to complete, before our time drifts away.

It doesn't matter what tributaries, we decide to travel, in our mind,
we will all flow together, at the end of our time.

There will be many high, and low times, we will pass in our days,
when they are over, we will find new visions, and travel their way.

copyright Tom Maxwell 2/14/2005 A.D.

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