(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Before Proving Themselves Capable

The one main advantage someone has,
In living amongst others...
Who are of different mindsets.
And also in diverse environments,
In which progressive thinking is a process.
Very few believe to them a threat.
Are the similarity of the opportunities.

In some environments,
Where opportunities are not hidden but given...
People are immediately motivated.
And seldom is it heard from anyone,
If what is done to do and accept...
Will provide them incentive,
To ultimately lead them to a known success.

In other environments...
People who are not motivated,
Can be heard questioning to protest...
Not only the opportunities available,
But also a pay scale with a rate to object.
And to do this 'first',
Before proving themselves capable...
Of showing up on time without excuses to make.
Or perceive a success to achieve they wish to create,
Is associated and closely related...
To a task they have yet to master or attempt to do.

'You expect me to work at this low wage?
When others I know are getting higher pay? '

~Other than shopping and selling wolf tickets,
What prior experience do you have? ~

'I've been told when I dress I impress.'

~And I bet you make a good cup of coffee too? ~

I'm not the one to brag.
But yes.
Yes, I do.'

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