(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Before Such Events

A craze unravelling in public to display.
Is to witness how sad,
The acceptance of it...
Is presented on stages.
And the many addicted who have succumbed,
To enjoyed what they once had valued.
Become undone from televised podiums.
With cheers of support.
Regardless of their freedoms being aborted.
And delusions kept sacred to keep believed,
Are being stripped away.
As they cheer the disappearance and removal,
Of truth.
And the significance of any remnants left,
Of honesty.
Or what it meant to associate integrity,
With credibility.
Lies to tell them told,
Can sell out arenas.
With spaces for standing room only,
Sold out.
Even before such events have been announced.
To a loud roaring crowd.
Allowing to follow their demise to disguise it.

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