Time (Terza Rima In Iambic Pentameter) Narrated In Dramatic Monologue

In each year season changes one after another
Change its color, beauty, smell and ceremony
I pass on and on and more quickly forever;

I pass through winter, summer, cold, hot, rainy
In autumn I see how nature takes a movement!
In spring I see how nature becomes so funny!

In each season nature and its inhabitants get
New arrangement of being, doing and feeling
They usually gain something new and lose old;

Sometimes they praise highly of me well calling
Sometimes sadly they lament and too scold me
I hear them all but usually I have to do nothing;

Day after day and year after year I am only me
Things and beings will go out I have only to see.

Copyright © Muzahidul Reza | 5 November,2017

by Muzahidul Reza

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it is really beautiful and detailed. I love the clever way things are being described which makes me think of lovely memories.
The walls, with their ancient portraits, glide away from us, cautiously, as though they weren't supposed to hear what we are saying –– powerful language. Bravo, Poet! ––))
yet 'pleuvoir' is French 'rain'; so if we pronounce 'Plover' 'Plirvwuh'
A good poem indeed. Thanks for sharing
Great imagery. Thanks for sharing.
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