(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Before Taking The Oath Of Office

People who refuse to listen,
Are the least to be thought...
As scholars.
Or thinkers with immense,
Nor picked to lead,
By those convinced...
Of their competence.
These seem to be,
Always the thoughtless...
And overlooked exceptions:

The ones born into wealth.
And heard to continuously brag,
About obtained assets...
They possess to impress.
With it done to prove,
Truth to live it...
Has been a reality they can,
Distort to delude.
Until it dawns on those to see,
Following images...
Can leave them mentally,
And morally unhealthy.

'Have you ever heard,
Of anyone being impeached...
Before taking the oath,
Of office?
With an approval rating,
Below those who protest...
Fantasized lives,
They will never live to get.'

But one thing is clear.-

'What? '

-There are more who adore,
Being deceived.
Than there are those,
Who accept truth to keep.
With it sought to protect it.
And if an impeachment succeeds,
What happens to the ones...
Deluded by the whole process,
Of pomp and circumstance?
What happens,
To the legitimacy...
Of future ceremonies? -

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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