MH (1950 / Ohio)

Before The Dawn

Before dawn wind rushes
driving night’s chill westward
so vestiges of darkness
send shivers along my spine.
Facing east I fight
cold’s piercing urge to wince,
and huddled await morn’s blush.
No wind or cold may dissuade
my eyes from pending purchase
of that precious brief pink palette,
clouds trimmed in rosy piping
which dress the sky at dawn.

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clouds trimmed in rosy piping which dress the sky at dawn. i love these lines in your poem.... wonderful diction and the use of words... marvelous.. thank you dear Mary the poetess. tony
A Time for Stars! Golden Moon at the centre of Eastern Sky With a bright Star above shines glorious Like in the full Moon time even today sure! Night has settled now with calmness every- Where making it very cold before mist full Formation to go on all the night before all! Before dawn breaks out clearing all darkness Ruling the whole night, it's the time for Stars To draw symbols in constellations far above! All Greek mythological and ancient Indian Group of Stars making zodiac symbols..... Saying all about each one's status and future! All thoughts of past, present and future surely Occupy all as long as all Stars never diminish!
it's before in my place and it's total darkness
Wonderfully expressed poem Mary. Loved all it! Congrats
By far the best of today's three poems of the day! Congratulations!
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