(5 June 1898 – 19 August 1936 / Fuente Vaqueros)

Happy 4 Year Anniversary

Thank you for blessing me with 4 wonderful years
I will always cherish the smiles, laughs even the tears.
You were always the one on whom I could depend
More than just my lover, you're my best friend!

Not everybody can understand or maintain a love like ours
But up and till today we have been doing it for 35064 hours
When it comes to love, Nobody knows exactly what to do
Still we have been going strong 4 years me and you.

For 1461 days, you have filled me with love
Always proving that together we can rise above
You bring out the worst but also the best in me

Thank you for the 2103796.8 minutes
Or 126227808 seconds you have given me
You are my heart my soul baby
I will love you for an eternity.

by Henrie Howells

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The keel of the moon breaks through purple clouds and their quivers fill with dew...the dew filled quiver.. very nice poiem.. tony
A beautifully envisioned Superb poem. Thanks for sharing it here.
You should read it in Spanish if you could. There all the beauty of poetry that ever was comes alive and the romance of Spain and its beautifully poetic language with its rhythm and sonority become unforgettable forever. Lorca was one of the greatest Spanish poets of the 20th century. His verses, images and metaphors, especially those that have to do with Andalusian Southern Spain are unequaled in the whole of Spanish literature. Also a mysterious magical Moon is very present, taking the form of an actual being with presence and feelings. and mystery. Lorca oncesaid, [Only mystery, makes us live, only mystery] And there certainly is a Magical Mystery in his never dying poetry . Lorca died very young, he was 36, assassinated during the Spanish civil war. What an Irreparable crime!
A beauty! ! Thanks for sharing.
I love the verse about the moon; it sparked such a wonderful image and feeling.
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