Before The First Bite

Sitting on a cloud watching the planes roll by
Gazing into the dawning day
Knowing the end is near and hopeless is the man
Yet nothing you can say
The burning desire catching your lungs in flame
Desperate to save a race
Camouflaging the signs that daily occur
Happening in every place
Just try a little kindness cause the world
needs it all to fill up the man made holes
No one suspects the hour of death
Until the graveyard tolls
Darkness is setting yet man wears shades
Mostly to protect seeing the danger
Forgetting to dwell on the day the star shone
and a babe was born in a manger
A life for mankind filled with love so true
Living free and honestly
Yet betrayed by the same man meant to save
and hung out on a tree
So now there’s evil lurking around.
Every corner shows something new
Even in the meadows, as in the shadows
Wicked boldly out in the blue
It hides no more because it fears none
For man has taken it in
So great it builds and dwells upon
More powerful with every sin
From a seed to a tree and then to a house
on every step, drive and flight
It started before man up in the heavens
before the world and before the first bite

by Mark Savage

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