Before The Golden Bowl Was Broken

Days amble by
From childhood to youth
Songbirds seldom heard
Sunrise rarely welcomed
In our haste to be
We cast away days
Long into the night
We reach for this
And stretch for that…
make our mark
don’t look back
Time on demand
We write our name
Upon the sand
At waters edge
longing for the sea
to sweep away the mark
another day to be

The ticking of a clock
Unnoticed speeds away
A thousand days
And fifty years
Overflow the Golden bowl
We reach for this
And stretch for that…
To make our mark
We don’t look back
And then one day we find
On the far side of our world
An unfamiliar face in the mirror
for the years have gone,
spent, never to return
decades have sailed away
Our windows they grow faint
Days unfold before the dawn
Swiftly greeted and there gone

Abruptly we find fewer years
In front than there are Behind
Sound from the street
Fades to a whisper
Awake before the songbird now
And shorter nights remind us
the days before the silver
chord is severed… grow short
yet the moon will rise
and the sun will set
somewhere in time
we long forget
where smiles lift the heart
once more days of youth await, and if
ill spent they return in dreams
memories sweet… memories spoken
fear not the shadows of the night
before the golden bowl was broken


by Adrian Wait

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