Progressive Rolling

I saw some rocks
Skipping down hill
They jumped so joyfully
It gave me a thrill

Dislodged by falling rain
They seemed so proud to be free
They seemed to have been aware
Of their brand new destiny

Like rolling rocks
Be on the move
Every turn and tumble
Your position to improve

Even when removed
From a peak real high
Keep on progressing
And never say die

This poem was motivated by an actual experience of seeing rocks rolling down a hill while driving through a rain storm.

by Howard Simon

Comments (3)

A thought provoking poem to say the least. Well penned.
An enjoyable read; loved the title and concept of this poem; life is quite the journey, we all must endure; nicely done! -Joe
deeds are counted....harsh punsihment..... you have used thought provoking phrases to describe your feelings in this poem. well done.