Before The Lord We Bow

Before the Lord we bow, the God Who reigns above,
And rules the world below, boundless in power and love.
Our thanks we bring in joy and praise, our hearts we raise
To Heaven's high King.

by Francis Scott Key Click to read full poem

Comments (18)

There's reference to ancient politics here. A lot of this statement is bow before the king and other ideas related to that quote, although I believe people these days aren't just going to bow down to anyone.
Great write. Flow is amusing and word selection is fantastic.
Song of a mythical land that no longer exists except in the minds of the faithful.
A marvelous devotional song praising the bountiful almighty and His majesty.
Very beautiful poem with deep knowledge.. awesome diction and rhythm
I enjoyed all the rhyming going on in this hymn, it made the song more lilting
Great poem! God bless us all!
lovely lines... the earth declares His Glory
Nice poem, Thanks for sharing it...
A very nice prayer composed by the same man who wrote The Star-Spangled Banner.
A great religious song praising the God and his majesty as also benevolence. Thanks for sharing it here.
everything in earth welcomes and greatful for the lord..andd we are not no exception.....a deep and light poem
I love the song to sing. It is a deeply religious poem and perhaps have an personal experience of God.
When in power He comes. Thanks for sharing.
A great prayer song for humanity and love.
Really a wonderful prayer meant for liberating the soul from all kinds of evil. Thanks. I quote: Cast down thy pride, thy sin deplore and bow before The Crucified.... to Heaven's high King Salvation's song.
Superb poem.....God is Great.....
Beautiful simple song of faith