Before The Rain Is Over

Before the rain is over,
I will seal a kiss in the wind;
So that when the rain stops,
And you can hear my name no more,
You will catch the kiss,
And forever keep it in your heart.

by Jez C Brul

Comments (11)

before I looked at the draft 4 $9852, I did not believe brother really bringing in money part-time at there labtop.. there aunts neighbour has been doing this for less than seventeen months and recently took care of the mortgage on there cottage and bourt a gorgeous Land Rover Range Rover. this is where I went......
I will seal a kiss in the wind....catch the kiss......... beautiful and original in thinking. short and sweet. tony
Good romantic imagination and a lovely poem,10.
A poem that covers nature and love.++10
There is a rare sweetness about this short poem! Like the sweetness of a kiss that lingers on the lips, this poems lingers in the readers' hearts, taking them to love's beautiful abode! ♥ ♥
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