Before The Year Ends

Before this year comes to an end,
Let everyone to my call kindly attend,
To the earths furthest end, this will I send;
If I have offended you, lets make amend.

Before the year ends,
Call all my beloved friends
Call even my most dreadful fiends;
Lets get rid our previous offends.

Before this year will flee,
I sincerely apologize, I plea,
For all my offences against thee
Please kindly forgive me.

Before the year will depart,
Make clean your every part,
Forgive the past, be happy and be apt
To welcome the new coming year, with a cheerful heart.

Before the year expires,
Take all that it requires
To go to God's presence,
Thank Him for His benevolence.

Before this year is but gone,
I remain my very self, with none,
Except my pen, which is not done
To bleeding and spurring just one
But my humble self; Ali Alexon.

Itz Ali Alexon

Dec.30 2017.

by Oduma Alex

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Oduma, such a heartwarming new year poem👍👍👍