Before These Days

These days of archaism, obsolete were they
Out of displacement though verbally confirmed
Experts, we knew they endorsed beyond their days
These would be consulted even by unborn geniuses
Buttered stories shared by the white airy aged
Beyond pre-centuries though couldn’t be deferred
With less technology yet much ease was all teasers
Like the days of Solomon was all affairs
Augur well were they all according to plans
Nothing was haggard, journeys were resplendent
Everyone knows these are now contemporary days yearned for
For we are now bulldozers on the field
Journeys of a decade then, with a jiffy can be accomplished
Yet the teaser, can we say these are contemporary days?
For as we sharpen the spears, the more blunt
Do they become on the grassy fields but never green
Immunity all over places yet mortality a common tale
In the midst of the bereaves yelling and screaming around
There were times they thought of existentialism
On the then pleasant leas now seems boring
Worsened by those innovations thought could make transformations
Netizens turned fraudsters with busy brains
Metallic monsters above now life mongers
Oh! We could have yearned for these days to tarry
For if juxtaposed would it prefer the less privileges.

by Israel Dammy Ipaye

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