Accept And Forgive

Forgiveness is forgiving someone
no matter how difficult it seems,
Nothing is never all that difficult.

Imagine a beautiful bird and let it
fly away,
Until you feel lifted from all of your

Nothing can stop you from fulfilling
your dreams,
It is only doubt that stands in your way,
Doubt is nothing but a stop sign,
You learn to walk on by and be on your

Never let anyone cause you sadness or grief,
Be strong and have plenty of faith,
Faith is stronger than you think.

Believe in yourself and remember your mistakes
only make you wiser,
Making Mistakes are a natural thing that happens
to us all.

No one is perfect that is a true fact,
Have a better understanding of people you
speak too,
Are they negative or are they positive?
Negative ones be on your way.

As I learn to move on through all my doubts,
I will never allow sadness and sorrow to
control me,
I replace them with love and forgiveness.

Even a loss of a loved one or even a break up,
We must always learn to let go,
Fulfill yourself with a new beginning and a
fresh start.

No matter what situations we may face from day
to day,
We get through by a prayer.

Knowing that something new always comes our way,
Life is never all that easy,
That is when we all must always learn to simply
accept and forgive.

by Derek James

Comments (10)

Motherhood changes a woman drastically. Her attention, devotion and major part of her love is diverted to her progeny after attaining it. Great tribute to motherhood. Well deserved classic poem of the day.
friendship is the pure source of creation!
In brevity the hue of changing relationships splashed so effectively. Super!
Before they were mothers. frinds and devotion...... a very nice poem. tony
Dedicated to mothers. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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