(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

Before Tv, Before Books …..[inspired By Roald Dahl's Poem "Television"; Thanks To Rod Mendieta; Human Development; Spare Time; Medium Length; Anthropology]

Before children had books OR TV,
what DID they do? Now you'll see.

They hunted, or were carried....
by their moms who dug up buried...
tubers and grubs which she could find.
There were no 'French fries'; they did not mind.

They played, in all their nakedness, with dogs;
they practiced walking atop long, fallen logs;
they lived in Nature, as close as could be done,
and thought a lot, while at their work or their fun.

They made up stories to explain what they did see,
Including the clouds, the beasts, and each living tree.
They scanned the skies with wide eyes day and night,
Inventing "constellation" images among the stars bright.

They did all sorts of things, many of them with great zeal.
AND, when they were bored, they invented "Writing" and…….
"the Wheel".

(February 17, 2017)

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Can only imagine the mischief you found Bri :) It is unfortunate that children don't have the fun of real dirt these days. Technology seems to be put first. Cheers big ears! :)
I remember very well the days without T.V. Or radio but books existed long before I did. I am sure those good old days without books were the days when lots of stories were developed.
A serious write full of naked facts! Yes, this is what children did! Being close to Nature, they learnt many things and didn't miss anything! Those tubers they must have baked in fire! I am sure they tasted delicious! Great write!
Great piece oh when the world was a lot less complicated or maybe it was in a different way. No one looks anymore they are too busy on their mobiles so they lose contact with the very planet which sustains them Loved this 10 ++++ Andy; 7)
A good one... Like your other poems....... Your acknowledgement is noticeable and honorable.