Before You Came Into My Life

Poem By Tiffany Green

Before you came into my life I was so strong,
Now that your here it feels like it was wrong,
I feel totally helpless, totally weak,
Now my future stands as 'bleak'..

Then 'it' happened, you did something which I will forever hate,
You wandered to another, but not just to anyone... my best mate,
That was the end for me, I crumbled to dust,
Knowing that what was slashed.. was my lust...

Now it seems like everytime I see you, I see her staring back,
Insecurity comes over me like a shadow, making my eyesight black,
I try to ignore it, I try to escape, I try to hide,
But I just cannot control the trapped feelings inside...

Trying so hard to hate you for what you did to me,
But everytime we spoke, I felt myself loving you so deeply,
I drowned into your eyes and suffocated into my heart,
I found myself in deep water.. just like I was from the start..

Now I am weak, feeble, cant even cope wiv the littliest of things,
Heart smashed to pieces, see what misery it brings? ?
'Meaningless words' you said, then why say them?
You still said them to HER, making MY heart condemned

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