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Before You Go Away
SM (June 1941, Cancer / Egypt)

Before You Go Away

Before you go away
Kiss me sweet goodbye
Rekindle the love
that once filled our hearts
wipe my misty eyes
Bring the memories
of time that passed
When songs of happiness
We heard on the harp
The memory of love
that once swept us
like waves of the ocean
The love that nourished
our hungry empty souls
The love that was adorned
by roses and flowers
So before you go away
give me another kiss
give me another hug
touch my hands
and say goodbye

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Comments (3)

im not much for romance but this is written so beautifully it felt like music tyvm karen
give me a kiss give me a hug Shake my hand and say good bye.... shows the thoughts are rich mind.... ready to forget for love... beautiful write.... i must give...10
wow, , beautifully and sadly touching.. heartfelt words..10++++