Before You Sleep

Poem By ashok jadhav

Promise me dear,
Before you sleep,
Sit in silence,
And meditate deeply,
Remember all those moments happiness,
And forget all those times of grievances,

Promise me dear,
Before you sleep,
Pardon them all who were cruel,
Be light-hearted and do not weep,
Spread there lights and bring in delight,
And fill their lives with full so bright,

Promise me dear,
Before you sleep,
Think your thoughts twice in life,
Be not emotional but be with mind,
See your thoughts but do not feel,
Be so kind and go with the wind,

Promise me dear,
Before you sleep,
Sow good seeds and harvest better,
For as you sow so shall you reap,
For when we speak,
We speak to ourselves and not with the others,
For our life is reflection,
A reflection of our own thoughts,

Promise me dear,
Before you sleep,
Reflect deeply before you sleep,
Do your best then life will reward,
Be always faithful but do not mourn.

Your Cartoon Dear- I Love You My Dear Sweet Heart.

Comments about Before You Sleep

A lover asking for promise from his beloved to be firm and faithful to the situations and the time will definitely Reward her for her punctuality.

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