Beggar And The Boy

There once was a man withered tired in his age

Who set on 31st trying his hardest to make a wage

Until the day would conquer and the suns light should heat

Across his nit stained coat he slept soft and discreet

Away from the eyes and away from his shame

He had prayed high to the skies for the lord to claim

His heart from this world that had seen little joy

Until the day the beggar had met the boy

He was a half pint lad standing only to my shoulder

I said boy you better go home for it supposed to get colder

It was then he looked back as if he had seen a ghost

“you look pretty hungry would you like some of my moms roast? ”

Surprised and bewildered by what I heard him say

No one before him had offered in such a forward way

I than began to reach with my tiring arms

to the boy very slow not to cause any alarms

he handed me the roast and that night I ate well

filling full inside but fuller for my heart began to swell.

I had finally realized breathing that nights’ cold air

That I wasn’t forgotten to this world for some people seemed to care

I will never forget that night the boy had passed my way

For it was the happiest end to the tragedy of my day

by jacob wallace

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