Begging For It

Maybe it has a lot to do,
With experiencing challenges.
Those obstacles can be nerve wracking.
And when they come back to back...
Patiently listening to give empathy,
Does not zoom to the top,
Of anyone's priority list.

And with a limiting done to my fears,
To a minimize their affect on my emotions...
Can give me an appearance of being detached.
And honestly?
Sometimes I prefer to make those appearances.

And perhaps it has a lot to do with,
A lowering of my tolerance level.
I've accepted a maturity as the only reason,
Why I do not sugar up my words...
With a spicing done not to offend.

Now when I offend...
Someone begging for it,
It is intended.
I do the best I can,
Not to disappoint anyone.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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