Begin A New Chapter

1.Enlighten your spirit and help to create a wonderful world to live in.

2.Take bold actions and look for major growth opportunities in life.

3.Understand emotions and be open and accepting of yourself and other people.

4.Shape the future and increase the probability of success and growth.

5.Find your peace and use your imagination to find different solutions.

6.Life is full of answers; you just need to learn to ask the right questions and look at the right direction.

7.Be present in the moment and experience the difference and changes that are happening all around you.

8.Don't feel stressed, anxious and uncertain in life. It's a game we all need to play to survive.

9.Empower and motivate other people around you and dig deep for creative solutions.

10.Navigate through opportunities and accept challenges to position yourself in the leadership role.

11.Thrive by taking actions, doing good planning and implement them carefully.

12.Make result-based plans for successful changes and avoid time wasting solutions.

13.Have happy thoughts and keep praying with an optimistic note to self.

14.Write an optimistic note to self, live for now and expect the best.

15.Focus on the bigger pictures and take big steps and productive actions.

16.Lead by examples, shake things up and find your purpose in life.

17.Take charge, feel confidant explore hidden opportunities and love your life.

18.Accomplish next level by shaping your present creatively and by planning for the future wisely.

19.Manage time wisely, focus on productivity and be strong in the time of crisis.

20.Don't bend the rules or compromise on your principles for anyone.

21.Remove ‘What-ifs and Why-not's from your dictionary and listen carefully to the quiet voice in your heart.

22.Trust your capabilities and develop a knack for strategic planning.

23.Start your journey of self-awareness and handle mistakes along the way.

24.Fill your life with experiences and learn to survive in difficult situations.

25.Believe that something amazing will happen and begin a new chapter with hope and wisdom.

Seema Chowdhury
January 3,2018

by Seema Chowdhury

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It won't let anyone misguided in life. Very analytical thoughts. Gonna start working on new projects...! ! !