MA (March 27,1951 / India)

$begin Anew...

Yes, we are estranged,
But now I have no complaints.

You want to make amends
And start from being friends.

Is it too late?
Are you filled with hate?

Really don’t care
As we have nothing to share.

You shift and look askance,
And plead do we have a chance.

When did love die?
Can’t we give another try?

I really don’t know,
Who knows about tomorrow?

Is it possible to begin anew?
Befriend yourself first is overdue.

In your mission for power and pelf,
You haven’t gone home to yourself.

There are no guarantees
Only possibilities

Deep in my heart I knew
I had not made a complete closure.

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Comments (7)

Your title seems to suggest that you are not adverse to new beginnings and second chances. In spite of your hesitaiton to continue this relationship, I sense that you still have a place in your heart for this person. Excellent write. Love, SandraX
Well written couplet of when things do not work out. It is difficult to let go, but sometimes we must. To live in the moment is always the best Bob
I had missed out this good monologue! I wonder what had inspired this nice poem. Happy Diwali to you & Arunji. -Raj Nandy
strangely, , when i wrote my poem; another beginning' i came across this marvel of yours, , , , we are not in touch for some time, , , may be i ahve stopped learning, , i shall read your other works too, , this one, as usual is great, , a 10
good poem...bit sentimental...well framed lines 10
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